Who is jamie chung dating

27-Aug-2017 23:11

When they're not giving each other sweet glances on the red carpet, they're giving us relationship goals on Instagram — and it turns out they are just as adorable in real life.

While Chung, the tomboy daughter of Korean immigrants, never spent time as a girl dreaming of her wedding (“Never — I was dreaming of recapping a game I’d played, or the glory I could have had if I caught the ball in the outfield”), she immediately said “yes.” “I believe in the institution — my parents are still married and his parents are still married,” she explains.

Just a year and a half ago, she offered an anti-proposal to her boyfriend, actor Bryan Greenberg: “Let’s just be like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell,” she recalls.

“Never get married, have beautiful children, live the dream and choose to be with each other.” Greenberg’s response?

"For me, it's how humble Jamie is and her work ethic.

How she just keeps her head down and doesn't get caught up or too far ahead of herself with things.

“I just didn’t believe that we needed to prove anything.” Chung, it seems, is plenty busy proving herself on-screen — snagging memorable parts in movies like “Big Hero 6” (which won this year’s Academy Award for Best Animated Film), “The Hangover” (parts II and III) and the TV show “Once Upon a Time,” as well as online, via her popular fashion blog.