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01-Oct-2017 12:26

I'm sure the writers thought they were throwing viewers a bone by giving them some of what they wanted in that dream sequence.

Hope and Rafe are the least popular couple currently on canvas, if not in the history of the show, and many viewers preferred to see JJ with Paige despite the messy Eve/JJ story than with far shallower characters like Gabi or Lani.

But if Ciara had been dating Theo at the time, I can virtually guarantee that the only difference would be that Abe would be screaming at Hope that he always knew her daughter was bad news who should have stayed away from his son.

Nevertheless, best friends -- or in this case aunt and niece -- fighting over a man is a soap staple and this is a more interesting storyline than the pre-shooting nonsense with Claire whining that she didn't like Tripp the way she liked Theo but spending every waking minute with him. She's totally obnoxious when it comes to Claire, moving back into the loft when there's no room for her and swearing she's going to make her pay for what happened to Theo. Hope can think motorcycles are dangerous all she wants, but Ciara is an adult and if she wants to drive one that's really her business.

This semi-autobiographical comedy centres on actor and comedian Andrew Dice Clay. After surprising Andrew, Josh and Eve with the gift of family burial plots, Harry and Judy learn that Josh and Eve dont want theirs.

Silly family comedy based on the life of actor Mark Feuerstein. We include personal testimonies, gospel music reviews, and we profile people and organisations that embrace biblical values and contribute positively to peoples lives.

And Hope actually called Rafe out on his controlling and hypocritical behavior.

I'm all for creativity, but the special Halloween dream sequence episode on Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-30-17 was just cruel. Viewers saw Paige resurrected to reunite with JJ and Hope rejecting Rafe forever, only for those fantasies to turn into over-the-top violence that existed only in Abigail's head. After Abby woke up, life went on in Salem as usual, and some stories were just as nightmarish as the Halloween fantasy. Yet her scenes with Theo are softer, more tender, and you can see the love and the pain involved in what's happened to her childhood best friend. For all the noise Hope was making about how Bo was the love of her life, she doesn't seem to appreciate her daughter being at all like him and that's going to be a problem from now until she cuts this out and treats her like an adult.

I wish Ciara had not suggested that they talk to Rafe about the motorcycle nor that it was suggested that Rafe was her father figure that she was so close to.On a trip to the local village, they find pizza to eat, presents to buy and a postcard to send to Goldie the fish.

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