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Robbie works to remove a butterfly stuck in Cat's ear.Season 4, Episode 8 CCTV-GHD Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand, but work may keep them from performing at the Hollywood Arts Cowboy Luau.Robbie wants to ask Cat to the luau, but asks someone else, making Cat jealous.Season 4, Episode 10 CCTV-GHD Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class.

Season 4, Episode 6 CCTV-GHD Sikowitz challenges the kids to go a week without using their phones, laptops, or other portable electronic devices.

They're going to be playing each other's love interests! Points at Beck You first, um Survival of the Hottest. I haven't decided yet who's going to be on my Brain Squeezers team, so if you wanna be on then, you're gonna have to Have you ever seen a carnivorous wilder beast rubbing about Dan Schneider?