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All sex scenes in this story involve people 18 yo or older.

Family Secrets September 2006 *MONDAY* He'd been only twelve when she'd won her first gold medal in Sydney.

The bastard, I thought to myself as I tried to keep the tears from flowing. It was just past nine-thirty but the heat of the Florida day still lingered oppressively around us. " I asked, curious to know more about his father's marriage. Both of us were sipping as we dangled our feet in the water.

**** We were quiet, both of us lost in our own thoughts the rest of dinner, but as we drove back towards home I finally roused myself and asked, "So, tell me about this Kim." "What? Without the screens of the Florida porch on the Graham house, the humming insects that seemed everywhere would have dined on us. You won't be able to breathe with the fumes." For a second I heard the steely authority of his father's voice in his son's tone. I liked the thought of sleeping in the same house as this young man. A hearty red which went perfectly with the thick sirloins we were eating. "She says she loves him," Donny said as I let him pour himself a glass, "that he's everything she wants." "What did her family think?

I had tried to refuse him when he suggested that he also should partake of the wine. " "Daddy can make people do what he wants," he suddenly spat out, an unsuspected venom for his father clear in his words.

"You're too young..would people think if they knew the swimming coach was offering her charges the demon drink? "I know," I whispered back but I don't think Donny heard. And so I found myself as chaperone for a group of sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year old teenagers.

And yours truly, battered wife or not, was determined to keep it there. " I called out to Donny who was looking back at me as he talked to a beautiful, dark haired teen by the pool gate. I watched him as he gave a quick kiss to the girl and then turned and walked over to me. First year...wants to study engineering," Donny answered, a certain disdain for the university choice of his sister clear in his voice. "I know," the boy agreed, "She's turning into a loser." But watching him and remembering the two children from my babysitting days I knew how much they loved each other.

The crowds had finally left and now I was surrounded only by my two assistant coaches and the thirty some members of the high school swim team, the number one program in the state. "She left for Gainesville right after dad's wedding. Yuck," I groaned, my Florida State background and dislike of everything Gator showing.

It had been heralded in the weekly Orange Sentinel -- perhaps the biggest story in the town paper since the parade that had been held for her six years earlier.

Imi parea magic momentul cand mi-am dat seama cum Antohy Robbins a folosit tehnica de identificare a strategiei mentale a lunetistilor din armata americana pentru a-i antrena pe proaspetii soldati sa traga la fel de bine cum trag expertii. Uite cum arata o pagina din acea carte scanata dupa 10 ani de cand am citit-o prima data!… continue reading »

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