Updating oklahoma teacher certifications

30-Oct-2017 08:19

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Under the current A-F grading system, student performance, an indicator which makes up half of a school’s overall grade, is based on end-of-instructions tests; however, these exams were eliminated by HB 3218.The A-F grading system, which has already been criticized for distorting our understanding of school performance and discriminating against high-poverty schools, will have to be revised to account for the new testing plan.Changes teacher qualification requirements – ESSA abandons the “highly qualified teacher” No Child Left Behind provision which required teachers who taught core academic subjects to hold a bachelor’s degree, have state certification, and demonstrate competency in the core academic subject area(s) they taught.Now, teachers in schools receiving Title I funding will only be required to meet state certification and licensure requirements.This part examines ESSA’s effects on testing and teachers.Maintains statewide annual testing – ESSA maintains statewide annual testing in math and reading for grades 3 through 8 and once in high school.

With state approval, high schools may use nationally-recognized tests like the SAT or ACT rather than state exams.A standard certificate may be obtained by successful completion of a university education program. An alternative standard certificate may be obtained by completing the Alternative Placement Program.

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