Updating nokia n800

21-Oct-2017 20:08

The main ones that I am still missing are gtick (metronome) and a UPn P client.IIRC, I grabbed everything form the official maemo downloads page and this list of Working 2008 OS Software.I then moved on to the Palm line of organizers, but although the features grew, the ability to hack the system slowly diminished.I'd pretty much given up on an easy-to-hack portable PC, until Nokia released its series of Internet tablets.The 200LX was eminently hackable, as it was basically a PC/XT running DOS 5.0 with CGA graphics.At one point, I had the 200LX doing some crazy things, including acting as a mobile Internet terminal while I was on vacation touring Europe.When I do stop the video record, it takes a while to proccess the video, and when it is actually done, there is no video in my gallery. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem with their Nokia N8, Symbian Belle. Also format the Mass Memory and the Micro SD (of course backup your content b4 doing so) If it doesnt work, try flashing a CFW into it.

The Nokia Internet tablets have been covered in before—the N800 actually won the “Ultimate Linux Handheld” award in September 2007.I've been a fan of tiny computing devices for a long, long time.I started my obsession for having a “PC in your pocket” with the Hewlett-Packard 95LX and stayed with that platform for a long time—graduating to a 100LX, then a 200LX.My Nokia N8 has been upgraded to Symbian Belle recently, and the only problem I'm experimenting so far has something to do with the camera.

I've notice images take longer to proccess after its been taken.

Nokia had the foresight to give the tablet the ability to look like a USB mass storage device to a PC when a USB cable is connected.