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Comedian Ellen De Generes has been a well-known advocate for LGBT issues ever since she came out in 1997 on the fourth season of her hit show “Ellen.” At the time, it was a bold and lonely move to identify as a lesbian, but after almost two decades, Ellen has found acceptance and love in both her personal and professional life.In 2008, after a four-year relationship, Ellen married Portia di Rossi, best-known for her role as Lindsay Fünke in “Arrested Development.” Whether they’re lounging together on the couch at home with their four dogs and three cats or joking around at a vegan cafe, this couple is just as cute as can be.Back in 1950, the women met in San Francisco and found they had a lot in common: both were Berkeley grads, bother majored in journalism, and both were interested in political activism.They would go on to found the Daughters of Bilitis, the first social and political organization for lesbians.Wanda met Alex Niedbalski on Fire Island, New York.As they rode the ferry to the island, Wanda caught sight of the woman she would marry.

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Ellen said what’s great about their relationship is the support for each other’s booming careers.Jodie may value her privacy, but she can’t hide the adoring way she looks at Alex, which is why these two lovebirds made #2 on our list.Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were a cute lesbian couple before it was cool.Couples were kissing and crying and racing to the courthouse to tie the knot, some after spending decades in unrecognized relationships. Many activists and advocates paved the way for that historic day, and it was a testament to their courage that the U. As more celebs come out and start families, the media is flooded with cute lesbian couples who show people that love is love, and it’s really as simple as that.

To celebrate being out and being in love, we thought we’d share with you a list of the top 16 famous lesbian couples whose romantic stories tug at the heartstrings.

In October 2015, the couple got married, and in July 2016 they brought home newborn twin boys, Max and Finn.

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