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20-Jun-2017 23:53

I can only assume that the cover art killed the sales of this series.

In fact, I often use these books as an example of the worst cover art that I have ever seen.

Relkin of Quosh and his dragon Bazil are a hardworking, kind, and whiney duo.

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Will Relkin give the authorities the slip and join the army and go on the wildest quest ever? I enjoyed this book because of all the imagery and detail.

These dragons are unique individuals with quirks and personality.

Striding around on their hind-legs wearing leather armor and swinging 10 foot dragonswords they are a vision of incarnate carnage on the battle field.

The city of Marneri gives no thanks for the century-old protection of the Great Spell this year.

Dark Masters of Padmasa want to end all freedom and color in the world and kidnap Princess Besita.Unquestionably one of my favorite fantasy series that deals with dragons.

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