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Delhi was one of the original twelve subahs (imperial Mughal provinces), renamed Shahjahanbad in 1648, bordering Awadh, Agra, Ajmer, Multan and Lahore subahs.Daryaganj had the original cantonment of Delhi, after 1803, where a native regiment of Delhi garrison was stationed, which was later shifted to Ridge area.Between the Khuni Darwazah and the present Kotwali, or the Head Police Station of the city, the street has the name of Phul ka Mandi or the flower market.The houses in front of the Kotwali were built at a short distance from the line of the rest of the houses in the street, so as to form a square.Round the tank the ground was literally covered with vegetable, fruit, and sweetmeat stalls.In the course of time the whole of this long street came to be known as the Chandni Chauk.Both these streets were divided into several sections, each of which was known by a different name.The section between the Lahore Gate of the fort and the entrance of the street called the Dariba, known as the Khuni Darwazah, was called the Urdu or the Military Bazaar; owing, very probably, to the circumstances of a portion of the local garrison having been once quartered about the place.

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The site of Shahjahanabad is north of earlier settlements of Delhi.This grand street was laid out by Jahanara Begum, daughter of Shah Jahan.