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The stunning Manushi Chhillar made the country proud after winning Miss World title after 17 years.On her arrival in Mumbai, she received a grand welcome at Mumbai Airport where thousand of supporters came to get a glimpse of their queen.Plus, we have a special sponsorship platform - Contribute directly to his growth!Built in social media apps include instant messaging, follow your man, twitter and facebook feeds, and a customized member page, where you can collect your favorite men - and get frequent news and reports!At least one twin survives 75 per cent of the time.Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO of the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, where the procedure took place, said: 'At [the] tender age of one year and three months, Love and Prince underwent this complicated surgery and are currently stable in [the] paediatric intensive care unit.'They will be under observation for few days which will be followed by multiple surgeries to ensure they are healthy and fit to survive.'Although the procedure was a success, Dr Bodhanwala added: 'The most challenging part of the surgery was to provide skin to cover both the children.'Ms Zalte said: 'It is hard to express in words how happy I will be to hold my children in both my arms.' Love and Prince are the the third set of conjoined twins to be successfully separated at Wadia Hospital.

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