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01-Jul-2017 12:56

He’ll always compare you and your cooking to dear ol’ mom. WHERE TO MEET – You can find this type usually at any Toys-R-Us, his mama’s favorite neighborhood supermarket, the corner cany store or the video arcade. 🙂 I have seen guys like this in the past when I was searching for my “soul mate” online. Since you’ve written in, I spent the last couple of days re-designing my site and I’ve also included an ‘optin’ form for you to receive my funny ebook, ‘How to Select a Compatible Mate’ for Free after you subscribe.

SECRET FANTASY – To hold firm in his possession the largest collection of Harry Potter Magic and Mystery novels.Although, all my characters profile’s give me a good feeling, this one represents many whiners living in our society today.The men out there who’s still attached to moms apron strings.You don’t want to get too large because this could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Your weight gain should be closely monitored by your health care physician. Your writings are just absolutely hilarious and I find myself coming to your site on bad days just to get a break from the world and get a good laugh in!

As far as your men friends goes, they’ll still be just that…Friends. True friends will accept you regardless of your current weight gain.