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03-Jun-2017 18:13

Indeed, having spoken to many youngsters about this, I'm coming to the worrying conclusion that Katy Perry's song I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, which was a massive global hit last year, increasingly represents the experience of a generation of girls who are happy and relaxed about public, same-sex sexual experimentation.I spoke to a group of girls and boys, aged 14 to 23, most of whom said it wasn't unusual to see straight girls kissing other girls at parties. I'm absolutely sure they wouldn't take it any further, and it is embarrassing to watch, but these days it's happening more and more.Yes, they're vulnerable to intense social pressures to fit in with whatever is perceived to be fashionable.

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The social trend has even sparked its own acronym - LUGs, or Lesbian Until Graduation.It doesn't mean they are really lesbian - just flirty, relaxed and affectionate.There is no harm done, no harm meant.'For previous generations, exhibiting any type of gay behaviour was certainly considered 'harm done'.to be gay,' says author Judi James, who has written extensively about celebrities.

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'It describes the female, publicity-hungry celebrities who are desperate to get their pictures in the paper and who engage in kissing each other to do so.

As Clara's friend Nancy told me: 'I don't think they'll do it again.