Jeffy s online dating secrets for men

22-Jun-2017 12:10

More important than any of this however, is that Jeffy is an international legend within the so-called “underground dating community” for spending the last SEVEN YEARS of his life on a DEMENTED SEXUAL RAMPAGE—hooking up with nearly two hundred women, engineering over two dozen threesomes, and banging the entire social circle of the girl he liked to show her “how much he cares”.Jeff has also used this to become one of the most sought after dating coaches in the industry, despite his outward appearance of being at least partially insane.Something I’ve been holding back from saying to you for a long time. Recently I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, with an image of your face burned into my brain, and a frightening statement written across your forehead with a big black magic marker: THIS DUDE’S PROGRESS IS NOT NEARLY WHAT IT COULD BE.I know, I know, it seems a bit harsh and judgemental. And coming into this whole “get good with girls” endeavour half hearted and half assed, thinking you could just DABBLE AROUND with a few new ideas and philosophies, and make a bit of progress here and there?? What I really want is to expose you to a new standard here.

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(That’s very likely the most “live programs taught” of any infield instructor on the planet...) And during this time, Jeff has proven himself as a HARDCORE MASTER SENSEI at those skills to the people who take his programs, as his students have taken girls home on 50-75% of his events for the past several years.

Rather than bailing out and quitting his mission after he had success with a few girls (like most guys), he chose to keep the demented sexual rampage alive.

And rather than throwing in the towel when he hit heart-wrenching sticking point after sticking point (like, you guessed it—THE VAST MAJORITY OF GUYS), he chose to claw around the dark trying to “figure things out” until he had become an enlightened master.

Nonetheless, I’d like to like to take a minute to “get serious” with you here, because this is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about, and I personally feel that the STAKES ARE HUGE.

I want you to go deep into your mind, and imagine, like, your “ultimate book” written on the topic of how to get good with women.As opposed to what you normally see where it’s like, “Guy learns game, discovers a few secrets, and POOF, now he’s AWESOME.” It would give you that rich, contextual experience—not only of the changes you need to make in your BEHAVIOUR, but the mental changes, and EMOTIONAL changes, and PARADIGM SHIFTS.

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