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AED covers organisations in Australia and New Zealand and includes a Subject Index for Associations. AED will remain available on Informit as an archive database.The Australia/NZ Reference Centre combines Australasian magazines, newspapers, newswires and reference books to create the largest collection of regional full text content available to libraries in Oceania.Related areas of study such as history and sociology are also covered.ARI indexes articles, notes and book reviews in religious studies, theology and related fields in the humanities and social sciences.Provides access to journal articles, conference papers, theses, government reports, discussion papers and book chapters - many of which are unavailable electronically elsewhere.Over 190,000 index records, including 48,000 full text articles available as PDFs or as links to material available on the web.Content of over 5000 videos is carefully curated by expert editors around specific subjects and disciplines, sourced from producers and archives around the globe.Disciplines include counselling, health, education, theatre, history, social sciences, literature and more.

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A multidisciplinary collection of online videos for scholarly research, teaching, and learning.ARI is indexed and edited by members of ANZTLA Ltd.The online version contains the full contents of ARI from v.1 (1989) to the present.This digital collection of over 2,200 full-text titles provides access to high quality digitized copies of classic Humanities texts.

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The focus is on the discipline of history but there is material relevant to politics, sociology and philosophy.Username and password required, contact your library.

Russell as Guest Director for the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - PR (April 19, 2013) 'Virginity' explores human rights controversies surrounding women - Daily Bruin (April 19, 2013) Milani Children's Film Eyes Toronto Film Awards - CHN (April 12, 2013) Alum launches Tiburon International Film Festival for emerging filmmakers - Golden Gate Xpress (April 11, 2013) Iranian Official Comments on Plan to Premiere Farhadi's 'Past' - CHN (April 9, 2013) Maryam Moghadam Berlinale Interview - Video (March 21,, 2013) Qatar and Iran on rival missions to make films about prophet Muhammad - The Guardian (March 15, 2013) Never mind Iran and Argo, the Brits should sue Hollywood - The Guardian (March 13, 2013) 'Hoax of Hollywood ': Iran vows lawsuit over 'lies' in Argo film - RT (March 13, 2013) Iran to sue Hollywood over a series of films, including the Oscar-winning Argo - The Guardian (March 12, 2013) Tribeca Intl.… continue reading »

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Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass die meistens oberflächlichen Dates, die das Internet ermöglicht, nicht zielführend sind.… continue reading »

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The family would like to express their sincere gratitude to the staff at Friendship Manor for the love and care they gave for their father. "I was close to Bill Crisp, Bob Watson, Byron Crawford (who I still talk to often), Ron Statzer (who was killed in Cincinnati working for a TV station there I think), John Randolph, Weird Beard, as well as several of the sales people and secretaries.… continue reading »

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She also sampled the drugs she’d avoided when she was busy being a mother.… continue reading »

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