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30-Jul-2017 13:13

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I was given this book as an engagement gift and I am so glad that we both read it together before we were even married.

It was honestly the BEST way to start our marriage — already knowing exactly how we each preferred to be loved.

Not only was this book eye opening, it was practical.

I was able to take what I learned and actually put it into practice to better my relationship.

Because you are anticipating what they need in order to feel loved and you aren’t aiming to receive love or acknowledgment for your efforts.

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I think it is SO important to stop worrying about what you need and to start giving your spouse what they need first. I work daily to fill up his love bank, this gets us through the not so good days and it makes loving that person every day a way of life.

Mostly because I am all five of the love languages, while my husband is only two.

But it gave us a firm grasp on what will work to show and receive love in the future.

Grab a highlighter, a pen, and two copies because you and your husband are going to want to read it together, write notes and then switch!

The 5 Love Languages book helped me look outward with my love instead of inward.

Our objective, when we read it as a couple, was simply to find areas in our marriage that we could work on and improve.