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Charlie Hughes, 34, an air hostess from Oxford, started online dating after a second long-term relationship ended. ‘I got ready, sat on the bed and just thought: “I can’t do this.”‘I worried that he wouldn’t show up or he’d be awful.

I even worried about people looking at us and knowing we were on a first date.

‘I started to get short replies to texts and he didn’t seem keen to chat on the phone.

I didn’t pick up the signals — as far as I could see, it was going well. I was stunned.’Jennifer made a classic dating error — she’d come on too strong, too quickly.

It doesn’t seem right, but I’m told this is what everyone does.

And I’m aware that this is what the guys are doing, too, playing a numbers game, so it’s hard to have faith in what they say.’ But the message from dating experts is that even when it seems difficult, you’ve got to keep going.


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Many have spent their formative years in a long-term relationship, moving in with their boyfriends in their 20s and suddenly find themselves single for the first time in their 30s.I never dated when I was a teenager, so how on earth am I supposed to do it now?