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Bond" by Phillip and Robert King, and "Bond Strikes Camp" by Cyril Connolly which are discussed below.In the late 1990s, Raymond Benson, who at the time was the official novelist of the James Bond literary franchise, became the first author since Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, to write officially sanctioned short stories featuring the superspy.Published the week The World Is Not Enough arrived in cinemas in America, "Live at Five" is the shortest of all James Bond stories, even shorter than Fleming's previous record-holder "007 in New York".Running only a couple of thousand words, if that, it is a brief episode that sees Bond, en route to a date with a female TV news reporter, recalling how he once helped a Russian figure skating champion defect in full view of TV cameras.

Flirt 4 live man-69

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Additionally, between 20, Benson wrote a fourth short story he planned to title "The Heart of Erzulie", however, it was never published. In publication order, this follows COLD and precedes Zero Minus Ten."Blast from the Past" is included in the 2008 omnibus release, The Union Trilogy, which includes three additional Benson Bond novels.