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Individuals and organizations can be culturally competent.A culturally competent healthcare organization, for example, offers an appropriate mix of the following: Notice that at the organizational level, practices such as inclusive policies and retention, are included in cultural competence.Even in a good intercultural communication course, so much theory may be presented that the course does not transfer to the students’ community or the workplace in any practical way.Primarily focusing on skills training is inadequate as well.Knowledge: The more knowledge we have about people of different cultures, the more likely we are able to avoid stepping on cross-cultural toes.Knowing how culture impacts problem solving, managing people, asking for help, etc.Academic courses on diversity tend to understandably focus on the knowledge component.

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The advantage of using a cultural competence approach is that you can identify the cultural competence gaps that need targeting in the design and development of a diversity education program.The Organizational Inclusion Assessmentâ„¢ (OIA) is an example of an approach to cultural competence assessment.

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