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code here I normally design SCAD things mostly with primitives, but I always get frustrated when it comes to adding fillets later (internal radii in particular), I'm going to try and design things from now on by extruding these rounded polygons (where practical). if more tha 98% collinear just return input back as is. // if p1,p2,p3 are more collinar than 0.98 [p1,p2,p3] // then return points as is : Centre N2Points Arc(t12,t23,cen, CWor CCW,fn); // else return the normal thing //fix using functions function dot (a,b)=a*b; // dot product is implied in * of vectors function un(v)=v/max(norm(v),1e-16);// div by zero safe unit normal I think my issue occur when radius for p2 dont fit between p1 -p3.

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For it to work Free CAD must be able to find the Open SCAD executable.

The q language and its database component kdb were developed by Arthur Whitney and released by Kx systems in 2003.