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18-Jul-2017 18:12

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After a series of failed diplomatic negotiations, the United States led a coalition to remove the Iraqi forces from Kuwait, in what became known as the Gulf War.

On 26 February 1991, the coalition succeeded in driving out the Iraqi forces.

As they retreated, Iraqi forces carried out a scorched earth policy by setting oil wells on fire.

approximately 375 remains were found in mass graves in Iraq.

This massive growth attracted many foreign workers, especially from Palestine, India, and Egypt – with the latter being particularly political within the context of the Arab Cold War.

In June 1961, Kuwait became independent with the end of the British protectorate and the sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah became an Emir.

In March 2003, Kuwait became the springboard for the US-led invasion of Iraq.

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Theatre in Kuwait is subsidized by the government, previously by the Ministry of Social Affairs and now by the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters (NCCAL).The Iraqi occupation came to an end in 1991 after military intervention by coalition forces.

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