Dating and fear of rejection

03-Nov-2017 20:21

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, try asking some guys out. The point is that you will have mustered up the courage to even ask in the first place, which will make you a pro when it comes to not caring about the outcome. It brings back memories of high school crushes and being too afraid to talk to the cute guy in your English class.The more you do this, the less of a big deal it seems. But it’s fun to have a crush, when you think about it. She’s super confident and asks guys out whenever she feels like it and seriously shakes it off when rejection inevitably happens (probably while listening to Shake It Off which is another reason you’re friends).After that initial wave of emotion, the reality is, you are the same as if you had avoided taking the action at all. The more you prove to yourself that it is okay and life goes on without any significant pain, the less intense the fear becomes. Sometimes, for whatever reason, someone you like is just not interested in you. If someone doesn’t share the same feelings as you, it was not destined to happen. For every person who rejects you, there will be someone else who does like you.You have value as a human being and there will be someone who appreciates it.[Read: The top 9 reasons why many men get rejected by the girl they like] Where does the fear of rejection come from? Humans are social creatures and a fear of social rejection is built deep into our psyche. Most people do not overcome their fear of rejection. We tend to move away from potential pain, preferring to stay firmly in our comfort zone.We fear being alone or losing something that we have. [Read: How to learn from the fear of rejection] #2 You need to recognize two key points. To overcome the fear of rejection, embrace being uncomfortable.

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[Read: How to beat the debilitating, awful fear of rejection] Recognizing the fear of rejection We feel the fear of rejection in many areas of our lives, not just dating. You cannot find the right words, the right time or the right way to go about it. It is a common and natural reaction most people experience. This works precisely because the fear of rejection is irrational.

“We wanted to create a game specifically for younger players,” Verburg says.

“A dating game for preteens who weren’t quite ready for dating, but that actually included some really useful scenarios for helping (them) get used to how vulnerable and awkward crushing out can be.” “After we had developed our prototype with only ‘she’ pronouns ... and immediately — like, within days — started getting feedback about how players wanted the option to be a boy in the story.

It sure beats spending a Sunday afternoon browsing Tinder and wondering why you are so indecisive about who you actually find attractive. If you remember how cool you are, that you’re a good conversationalist and that you have a ton of interesting and quirky hobbies that make you who you are, it’s easier to be more confident when it comes to facing your fears of rejection. Putting yourself down and being negative will just make you want to hide under the covers forever, so definitely don’t do that. Ask her for some advice and you will definitely feel better after your chat.

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Once you tell someone how you feel once, you can do it a thousand times. It’s tricky to know what to say when asking someone out because you don’t want to look too eager if the answer is no. If you were on the receiving end and just saw the person in a platonic way, it would be easy for you to say so. There’s nothing like some good girl talk (about boys).published and, well, we all know how that worked out. When we’re single and envious of all those smiley faced couples, it’s difficult to remember that we actually have a pretty amazing life, but we totally do. It will make any rejection hurt so much less when you know you will wake up tomorrow, go to the job you love and meet your BFF for dinner afterward.It’s best to say something like, “I think you’re cool and we seem to be getting along. If they pushed ahead and followed their dreams against crazy obstacles, you can ask someone out or tell someone you had a great first date and want to see them again. Once you take back the power, you can get rejected anytime and it will mean nothing. Aya Tsintziras Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor.