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16-Jul-2017 08:44

Another reason to use Gray Rock is to avoid becoming a target in the first place.If you find yourself in the company of one or more narcissistic personalities perhaps you work with them or they are members of your family it’s important to avoid triggering their ENVY. It’s possible they won’t even remember having met you. Talk about the most mundane household chores you accomplished that day in detail.Many times we wish and wish for the right person to come into our lives. I am not suggesting that you open up to the first person who comes along. We don’t seem to understand why it’s not working out with others. After years of disappointment, heart break and unhappy endings, it can be very easy to close down on real love. Remember, strength in the muscles of your body is created by your muscles being ripped apart, and then rebuilt. Your heart and your emotional intelligence and fitness operate the same way. It’s easy to throw a wrench into real love when it comes. When dealing with malignant narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, borderlines, drama queens, stalkers and other emotional vampires, it’s commonly advised that no response is the best response to unwanted attention.

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Furthermore, many of us have tried to end a relationship with a psychopath several times, only to take them back, each time. What it is:Ӭ So, how do we escape this parasitical leech without triggering his vindictive rage?

If you have already inadvertently attracted their attention and they have already begun to focus in on you, you can still use Gray Rock. Some people are naturally lacking in dramatic flair.

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We can even see this in young children, who are taught to ignore their feeling that physical affection may not feel good, in order to please adults - I often see commands from parents to their children to hug adults, give kisses, etc, and I think this undermines our connection to our own bodies and it silences that voice that tells us what feels good and what doesn't.… continue reading »

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