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Her phenomenal interpretations garner well earned attention everywhere she performs, and she is the foremost authority on Canadian ragtime figures, including Jean-Baptiste Lafrenière, whom she has been said to resemble on certain occasions!

The venerable and talented David Thomas Roberts has many delights on his finely crafted site, including folios and CDs of his music, samples of his poetry, photography, and a number of pieces of his art - a veritable journey into his world of Terra Verde ragtime and art.

Includes many scanned images of original sheet music and links to many more, plus excellent articles and information on rags, genres, composers, etc.

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Having known Adam for more than half his life, I can tell you that he has been and continues to be the future of ragtime and related music forms.There is a lot to find out about him, his recordings, future appearances, and more.The pride of Canadians everywhere, especially those in Canada, this enormously talented pianist and composer from Prince Edward Island has been said to play "face melting" ragtime piano and novelties.A great ragtime stage performer and friend of the "Perfessor" who is particularly adept in Boogie, Boogie-Woogie and blues music.

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Great story teller as well, as his books are full of wonderful anecdotes.

For many who have searched for years for his folios outside of ragtime festivals, this is your source.

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