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This is one of the most saddest K-Drama I've ever watched. And in addition to that sadness is knowing that, Kim Woo Bin is fighting a disease in real life. Great acting Very good drama great casting 2 thumbs up for this drama for 2016. So magical , beautiful ,sad and happy ,i think it was perfect . Eagerly waiting for his next kdrama...whole team done a great jobs... Like the show, just a bit confusing to me and why is it that Lim Ju-Hwan seems to always play a wack out guy, he is so scary looking and just gives me the chills. of coures their acting is not a top-notch acting but it is not too bad that they deserve a harsh criticism. previously, i dont want to see her drama at all because i know she is bad.

Very heartwarming i will highly recommend this drama for those who are fan of kdrama like me to watch it you won't regret watching it i assure u.... Kim woo bin is so damn talented he portrays his character perfectly and suzy is not bad either . hmm its ending was same like "millionaire's first love " film but who cares... Congrats..last but not least "pororo" was so cute.... many people hate this drama just because the cast so famous.. I would hate to mess with him, looks like he could kill you at the drop of a hat. at the first episode i found the drama was confusing and boring. i suggest to do not miss any episode or you'll be out of the story. That scene nearly made me cry hahah ^.^ I expected more of this dorama. but i try to give a chance on this drama and i can see she improving a lot.

All she does is get angry, shout and threaten you with calling Daddy who is a famous prosecutor. Woo bin , Suzy thumbs up for your great this drama.please woo bin, Suzy come together next time with nomu nomu happy you both I love this drama..... The plot of the story is the best..the chemistry of kim woo bin and bae suzy is daebak....i like them so much...i hope woo bin and suzy will cast again in drama... Why the rating is so low, this is the best drama I've ever seen. I really love how Woobin and Suzy played their role here and I heard a lot of ppl hating Suzy's acting, Idk the reason why but I think she was really good. But all in all, I can say that it's a beautiful drama that has a variety of angst, heartbreak, love and forgiveness. UNCONTROLLABLY LOVE to this dramaa :"")) I loved every aspect of this drama. This drama also shows a glimpse of Suzy's character. They had me bawling my eyes out for the last three episodes. Congratulations to team UF, even with a sad ending, this is such a beautiful drama. this drama really moved my heart kim woo bin is such a great actor!! I seriously don't understand why this drama has low ratings. Amazing actors and actresses and the storyline is so realistic. Applause to the actors and actresses and all the production crew. He just think about himself, his desire, and he thinks he has right because he almost die. I dont know why people hate this drama , because i think this is a great a its never boring because there is always action and drama. But the problem that he is being so selfish with no eul because he now that he have a cancer and he have just 3 months to live , so confessing to her and trying to making her love him is wrong , she is going to be hurt badly when she nows about his illness . well infact, I liked it immediately just by reading the synopsis. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this drama series. People have the rights to state their dislike of a drama hence "freedom of speech". I am reading recap and skimming threw the episodes and I can not get myself to be immersed in it.

As the daughter of an actual prosector, I found her conduct disgusting. Hope to see more kdramas like this one in the future! PS: Hi all, UF has one of the best OSTs ever since Dot S! I believe a certain level of maturity is needed to appreciate the beauty of this drama as this drama had stuck closely to its plot, and came to a realistic ending. Thank you to the production, writers and actors especially Kim Woo Bin's acting which really got to the core of my heart. This drama is so heartbreaking, Been watching from start to finish of the final episode, I was choking then crying, huhuhu. I dont know why the rating very low..who cares about rating.. Really...hands down....knows how to touch on the feels. He caused her accident, he is son of that prosecutor, and he knows his live is not long. What is appealing about a dying leading man and a childish ranting I never got over him leading lady? The story is so blah basic same old story there is no mystery to what's next. I love the interaction between no eul and Joon young's mother. Well i dont mind that the ratings are going down i will never drop this drama. I want to now about your opinion guys I love the genre.story.casts.writer.. N btw, i dont think suzy's acting is bad..thats how the writer want the character looks like.. Because I like Woo Bin a lot and I done like nor dislike Suzy. Which why it's great to see other people who also share the thought. Waaaaah i so love this drama ~ this will rock k-drama eventually ~ it's full of myteries and love ..

Everything about her makes me cringe, she is a spoiled brat with absolutely no consideration for others, entitled in a disgusting manner, even manages to lose the kitty (if you're a cat person, this alone will make you hate her), is dumb as a brick, borders on stalker with her Idol fetish and yet is never brought to any accountability for her actions. Thank you, UF for the awesome 20 episodes, I almost cried for every episode esp. No choice but to wait Lol at ppl when before the drama will be airing ppl be like " the highest rating for the years" "sure that can beat dots" lmao after the ratings is getting lower " i dont care about the ratings? Highschool = 10 years ago, College = 5 years ago, Adult = present. We'll see what happens with that, but I don't think I'll ever start with a new series again.

On top of all, she does not even have the excuse of being too young to know better as she is old enough to be attending college, were she not too stupid to actually get admitted. because of KWB's and LJH's great acting; the finale got me crying like a mad man. I think it could be better if the drama was written for only 16 episodes instead of 20, because there were many unnecessary scenes eg, Noh Eul being constantly sick. From the drama, I can see the effort Suzy has put in and her remarkable improvement from Dream High. The chemistry between the two is definitely interesting. goodluck too suzy eonni p.s dont worry about the ratings cos people around the world (outside korea) loved this drama ! But i think this is what makes UF different than other why also it got the title. " Typical biased I like this episode a lot , confession of shin jun young is wow deabahhhhhhhhhh . Love you Uncontrollably Fond, and my Goddess Suzy Bae!!! It's so good that 2 hours a week just doesn't work for me.

It was a great opportunity for him to showcase his capabilities as a good actor. Wow, thanks you so much guys , all the staff of this drama , i do appreciate so much your effort and everything , omg you got me so good. Thank you so much kim woo bin and suzy your the best , you guys got a best chemistry ,,hope u get some award for this. Be braver like a backsong of this drama from New Empire, A Little Braver :") i think noeul already falling in love with joonyoung, but she didn't want to show it. I suggest that you stop, because this drama has a plot better than the others out there and its actors are improving every episode. I love the storyline and plot twists of Uncontrollably Fond. Even the way the story wrote was kinda unique and make viewers curious.

Am I the only one who thought Haru was absolutely horrible? So just pay attention to their positions when they talk and you'll get it. And i know that this drama will be famous in other countries. This is one of the first dramas that I have not binge-watched, and I have to tell you that it is killing me to wait for next week (: I don't know how I would wait until the series is over in September, but I am thinking about trying to get interested in other dramas until then.

I was really hoping of a different ending tho but that's what made everybody cried. I'm new to K drama but it'll be tough to top this one in meaningfulness to me. This drama is ok due to the female lead and character. And special props to Lim Juhwan and Lim Jueun—their characters were spot on and I would have loved to see more of Jueun's character than what we saw, but they did a really great job. The casts (since I LOVE SUZY AND KIM WO BIN SO MUCH) are perfecto, the story is totally making me crazy to wait for another episodes, everything is awesome in this drama. Choi Ji Tae is the one who gave up the one that he love for his brother. Kim Woo Bin acting has over power Suzy's acting in episode 4 . Some of the confusion here make me think we are truly in the Internet age and attention spans are so short that anything but simple A to B becomes confusing.

After watching the series I knew that I would be a forever Kim Woo Bin and Suzy's fan. It's so sad knowing the actor is fighting the disease in real life.. Recently finished this drama and still can't get over it. He's definitely up there as one of my all time favorite actors. When i saw 'the heirs', i jst used to hate kim woo bin...after watching this drama he is jst my favourite..... This is a great drama to watch without expecting the world--it's cliche and typical, but it makes it great in that you can enjoy the little moments and you're not expecting it to change way off course. Just one thing, I hope the end Nih Eul and Joon Young will be together. Shin Joon Young is the one fighting for the one he love for one last time. The plot seemed interesting to me but I might drop the drama.

Even though the father was unaware of having a son. This drama could have been a 10 but she dragged it down to a 5. And i was expecting the two of them yesterday at the bks drama awards 2016 but so disappointed that they weren't invoted. However, it got to be very repetitious after a while.

Because the son took a different avenue mom disowned & became so cruel toward him. Im not a hater because I had alot of hope for her and the main lead at the begining which brought a huge disappointment. So I just recommend you guys to sit down with your best friend, take a blanket, brew a tea, prepare tissues (for tears), relax and watch the drama. Initially I started this drama because of the Kim woo bin and the buzz in social media before the drama aired... I do get tired of the selfless love thing...loves her so much but he spends no time with her, and actually the kiss that he has with the (hit and run girl) has way more fire to it. I loved the sound score, and there was a scene between the son and mother, in the last episode I think, that was amazingly real and heart wrenching to watch. There was some great acting by some of the supporting cast. I have watched all the episodes and really liked it. I will rate this series as one of the best korean darma I watched of 2016.

I'm not one in for comments or reviews, but if you are considering to watch uncontrollably fond, it's the best drama so watch it. For me, Suzy’s acting was alright, she improved in “While You Were Sleeping” and I’m glad Kim Woo Bin is better because I miss him so much! The one who needs to go or the one who needa to stay? I would cringe in every scene that she made a scene or stalked his house.