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Activity integration Intelligent software systems have been proposed to address the problem of integration in the next generation of software engineering environments (SEEs).

This paper addresses the organizational principles of an integrated architecture, the Software Maintenance Expert System (SMES), using a model drawn from artificial intelligence techniques.

degree in physics, professor of discrete mathematics, mathematical logic, history and philosophy of mathematics.

Publishing today in history and philosophy of science (mathematics, logic, physics, computer science)Today music is just entertainment.

Until the 17 th century however, music was regarded either as a practice or as a mathematical theory, that every good mathematician and every good musicologist knew.

In ancient Greece music played an even greater role, in the platonic polis it was part of both basic education (with gymnastics and grammar) and higher education (with arithmetic, geometry and astronomy).

We use a model drawn from Al to address this issue, and apply the model to the process of software maintenance.

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Indeed this is the view that has prevailed in the last three centuries.However, with co-driver Amadeo Bignami, he won the gruelling Mille Miglia and wound up the 1932 season finishing second overall to Nuvolari for the European Drivers Championship.When Alfa Romeo decided to withdraw from racing after the 1932 season and sold its cars to Enzo Ferrari, Borzacchini rejoined the Maserati team.That same year, he finished second in the Circuito di Alessandria and in the Tripoli Grand Prix.

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In 1930, under the repressive fascist regime of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Borzacchini was pressured into racing under the Italian name, Mario Umberto because at birth, his parents had given him the first name of a Russian social activist (Mikhail Bakunin) whom they had admired. Designed with a swept-back aerodynamic front end, a radical innovation unheard of at the time but commonplace today, it was felt that Borzacchini had a good chance to capture the prestigious American event.Unfortunately, magneto problems forced him out of the race after just three laps.