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If you know much at all about Everest, you know that the Khumbu Icefall, where 16 Sherpa perished in an avalanche on April 18 while hauling gear up the mountain, is an incredibly dangerous place.Filled with crevasses and sitting under a massive serac, it has always been feared and revered by climbers—in fact Russell Brice, who runs outfitter Himalayan Experience, pulled his climbers off Everest in 2012, largely due to perilous conditions in the Icefall.The coating decreases the snow's ability to reflect light (its albedo) and this amplifies melting.(Watch a NASA video that shows the movement of black carbon.) This positive-feedback problem has been well-documented in the arctic, where the more sea ice is exposed, the less reflectivity the landmass has and the more ice're moving a lot of heat high into the troposphere and that [amplifies warming].

Long ago, there was a game company called Simulations Publications, Inc., or SPI for short.

He studies the dust, isotopes, and chemicals found in the ice in order to understand the history of glaciers, ice caps, and ice fields.