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One day, Anna became very ill and was hospitalized, Marlon has changed in his behavior to her, he was very gentle and attentive to her.

Once again, having visited her in hospital, Marlon on the threshold of the House, said: A few days later Marlon came once again to bring her to the hospital, he had long regarded the little finger of Anna and suddenly got a wedding ring in platinum with a scattering of pearls.

One day, Brando went on shooting the film "Sayonara" to Japan, but before Christmas, called Anna from the hotel in Honolulu and asked her to come to him.

Anne arriving at the airport waiting for Honolulu two o'clock, when it come to Marlon.

mother came home drunk, called cats in my bedroom and gave them sedatives. "And then she told me:" You know, Bath, the best in this performance of his name - "Streetcar" Desire "... I fell in love only once in Arletty, after looking" Comedians. I went to Paris, where he met with the French star.

When drunk, they lay around her, she fell asleep with such a blissful expression on his face, as if there was among his best friends. My God, Arletty was like polished stone - smooth and radiant.

Many years later, when she was gone from his father, and I left the house, she came to visit me in New York drunk, fell to the floor, and I do not even picked it up. However, about her character could break his teeth. I will never forget as a typical provincial parvenu anger she threw an ashtray at her maid of sandalwood and immediately after that took the most seductive pose: mysterious downcast eyes, slender legs, open up to the thighs, the tip of the shadow of a smile in the lips ...

Marlon Brando tried to fame, he suffered from a lack of money and poverty.

Actor Brando's talent demonstrated in the television version of the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".

The nature of Brando, with the advent of glory, much interested in the scandalous press, which described him as "the genius of dark contemplation and independent stubbornness." The media is to blame Brando in that it affects their nasty and rude character at all, even with the woman becomes violently, changing them as gloves.